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in global bad debt

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credit report services

Global bad debt has


since 2007
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credit report services

Global bad debt


since 2007
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Cutting Edge International Credit Report Services

Kreller Credit helps clients navigate the constantly evolving international commerce landscape. Our network of analysts and agents provide vital information to ensure that credit transactions are authentic and secure.   Kreller facilitates international collections and debt recovery with professionalism. Our global business debt collection services ensure a high level of discretion to deliver concrete results.   A Kreller Credit international investigative report is a cost-effective and efficient way to mitigate risk in the supply chain. Our supplier assessments identify problematic issues before they can harm a business, while providing clients an extra measure of security in an unpredictable world.

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We have also used Kreller’s [collection services]. I am usually hesitant to place a claim for collections...[but in a particularly stubborn case], Kreller was able to collect...very quickly. They stayed after the debtor by letter, daily phone calls, and — ultimately — visits, until the debtor paid in full. I strongly recommend Kreller Credit for any of your domestic / international credit or collection needs.

- R.G. Director of Credit of the Western Hemisphere,  Gas & Oil

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