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Coronavirus have you rethinking your Global Supply Chain?
Posted By:  Latisha Sullivan
Monday, March 23, 2020

As Chinese manufacturing hits a record low amid coronavirus disease concerns*, American companies are forced to look elsewhere for product and component sourcing. In their quest for new sources, businesses have many concerns when it comes to supplementing (or all-out replacing) longstanding relationships with vetted suppliers.  

The concerns these companies have when looking to engage new suppliers range anywhere from Reputational Risk to Credit History to Legal trouble – and although this task can seem daunting, here are a handful of areas to check for red flags:  

Regulatory issues             
Human Rights/Labor Violations            
Fraud Political Affiliations/Government Connectivity            
Adverse Legal Filings            
Corporate Registration Accuracy            
“Bad Actors” in the C-Suite/Shareholders  

Checks in these areas, along with proper documentation and Supplier Agreements, help companies across the globe feel more confident when making the decision to engage a new intermediary in any capacity.  

Over the past 25+ years, Kreller has developed industry-specific investigative scopes with the sole purpose of aiding in this decision-making process.

Through our network of local investigators on the ground across the globe, Kreller has been conducting enhanced due diligence investigations for firms from Energy to Aerospace to Retail, and everywhere in between.  



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