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International Due Diligence and Credit Consultation since 1988

Kreller Credit

Kreller Credit assists multinational corporations in making sound foreign credit and supplier assessment decisions. We are a highly experienced credit reporting company that helps clients navigate the constantly evolving international commerce landscape.Our global credit and collection analysts identify potential obstacles that can pose inherent risks to businesses. Our network of analysts and agents provide vital information to ensure that credit transactions are authentic and secure. Kreller Credit investigations yield comprehensive research and findings other firms cannot identify. Kreller Credit also provides global debt servicing and strictly adheres to standards set forth by industry certification agencies. International Credit Investigations
International Sourcing Financial Evaluations
Global Credit Investigations
Global Sourcing Financial Evaluations
International Collection Services & Asset Recovery
Customized Global Credit Investigations

Kreller Group

Kreller Group provides comprehensive international due diligence services to help clients mitigate risk as well as maintain their stock value and corporate reputation. International investigations must go beyond database inquiries. Kreller incorporates the latest technology with a boots-on-the-ground investigative process, completed in real time and utilizing direct source verification. We investigate every finite detail to ensure your company’s business endeavors, associations and resources are ethical and secure.
  • FCPA Anti-Bribery & Corruption
  • Corporate Compliance Programs
  • Domestic & International Background Investigations
  • Intellectual Property Investigations & Protection
  • Franchise & Franchisee Vetting
  • Ethical Sourcing
  • Vetting Licensing Partners
  • Vetting Distributors
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence
  • Joint Ventures
  • Asset Investigations
  • Risk Assessment/Management
  • Gaming Probity Investigations
  • Employee Whistle blower Cases
  • Vendor Verification
  • Executive Pre-employment Background Checks
  • Special Investigations

Kreller Consulting

Kreller Consulting provides consultative assessments to help companies identify and implement cost saving strategies with their current third party information vendors. Consultants work with procurement representatives to analyze the scope of services and overhead associated with each provider. Our team will then isolate unnecessary expenditures as well as make recommendations to improve the speed and accuracy of information delivered. The following is a list of vendors Kreller Consulting can potentially impact relative to lowering costs.
  • Dun & Bradstree
  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • Trans Union
  • LexisNexis
  • CBC Innovis
  • CSC Credit Services
  • Kroll Factual Data
  • Core Logic
  • Accurint
  • Axciom
  • eFunds
  • Telecheck
  • Insight America
  • Real EDA
  • Talx
  • Factset
  • Thomson Reuters
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Our global team of highly experienced collectors, investigative field agents and collection attorneys have established themselves as industry leaders in international debt resolution.
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We have also used Kreller’s [collection services]. I am usually hesitant to place a claim for collections...[but in a particularly stubborn case], Kreller was able to collect...very quickly. They stayed after the debtor by letter, daily phone calls, and — ultimately — visits, until the debtor paid in full. I strongly recommend Kreller Credit for any of your domestic / international credit or collection needs.

- R.G. Director of Credit of the Western Hemisphere,  Gas & Oil

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