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International credit information fluctuates too rapidly to rely upon outdated database information resources. A company’s financial well-being can be compromised when using inaccurate data to make credit decisions.

The Kreller Process

  • Immediate Action. As soon as an order is placed, an in-country agent begins the credit investigation.
  • Current Information. Every international credit report is customized utilizing the most up to date research as well as analysis by the local investigator. (Kreller does not “resell” canned database reports.)
  • International Network. Kreller’s international network of business analysts are well versed in local languages, customs and culture. This familiarity allows for a more thorough investigation and often leads to additional information that might not otherwise be revealed
  • Zero No-Hits. If a company exists, Kreller will find it, even if the entity is virtually untraceable in databases.
  • Superior Service. Kreller service is outstanding. A sales representative is assigned to every account. This individual is the client’s exclusive point of contact for any issue, question or concern pertaining to the case.

Every day, Worldwide, Kreller Exceeds Industry Standards

Our area of expertise is international background checks and intelligence. A
partnership with Kreller ensures that your business operations are legitimate and
fiscally sound.

Our on-the-ground local agents are represented in every continent and have a
comprehensive understanding of local languages, laws and politics as well as the
political, social and economic climates of the jurisdictions in which they operate.
Equipped with this knowledge and exclusive access to sensitive data, Kreller can
provide a comprehensive credit and background analysis on any international

No Hits, No More

Our preeminent international credit advisors are located worldwide which means
we have a greater capacity than competitors to quickly mobilize in any foreign
jurisdiction. Upon request, an investigation begins with the local agent who will visit
a site to verify that each international credit report contains the most current
international intelligence.

At Kreller there are no database black holes. Our team can easily discern whether a
subject company is a myth or scam, or simply a small, obscure business, overlooked
by international databases.

Unparalleled Service

A Kreller representative is assigned to every client based on the type and scope of
business. Your account manager truly knows you, your company and industry.
He/she is dedicated to providing the highest level of service. Clients are never
ushered to an automated 1-800 number and your representative is easily accessible for assistance.

Contact the professionals at Kreller today for more information.

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Our Clients are Talking…

I have had the privilege of working with Kreller Credit not only at my current company but at my prior company as well. Kreller Credit has provided me with exemplary service over the past 9 years and the quality of their service has truly assisted in minimizing potential financial risks for us and helped me in making sound business decisions. The Kreller Team is made up of quality individuals who I have and will continue to enjoy working with. I highly recommend Kreller Credit.

- C. A. Credit & Collections Manager, High-End Textiles and Furnishings

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